Walking high in Style with Designer High Heeled Shoes- 15 January 2014

Every woman's dream is to own a pair of beautiful sky high heels. Your shoes leave a fashion statement or complete your apparel. Whether you are walking on the breezy streets of Manchester or along the Thames, you always want to look tall and strike an attractive persona. Therefore, it is a necessity for you to find designer high heeled shoes for women UK. Nowadays, you have a variety of choices that you can consider. But, also keep in mind that you don't hurt your body by choosing the wrong ones.

Lovely designs and materials:

Now if you have short legs, and want to cheat them for appearing long, these are an excellent option. You can go for classic stilettos which are a must in your collection. You also have different kinds of styles available including ankle straps. If you are looking for comfort, then you can get wedges or platforms. They come in pretty patterns which can compliment your dress. For the winters, you can sport a pair off knee high boots. These are fashionable and keep you warm. Look for your materials of preference in designer high heeled shoes for women UK like leather, suede or canvas. You can always put on affordable footwear that will match your clothing and personality any day.

Durable and comfortable:

Always look for designer high heeled shoes for women UK that have a good finish so that you can use it for a long time. It is important to let your feet break into them and practice walking in them at home before you step out. To be on the safer side, you can go for heels that are not more than 4.5 inches. The secret to wearing them well is a confident walk and a good pedicure. No matter what your age is, it is always nice to appear smart. You can look for soles that have a soft padding for relieving the strain on your back. The lighter the shoes, the better you will feel. Thereby, choose wisely and when you purchase them, get the best because it is like wearing your heart on your heels.

Picking the Right Shoes for the Right Outfit- 18 December 2013

No words can describe enough how women love shoes. Unlike the gentlemen, ladies would usually pick shoes for a whole lot of fun reasons. Good thing there seems to be a bigger variety of shoes for women today. Whether you’re looking for designer brands or cheap ladies shoes on sale online in UK, there’s plenty out there to explore. Of course, comfort is still number one, but after that, it’s all about style. So how do you choose the right pair for the right outfit?  

Color, Texture and Other Details

If you love all things colourful, you have the perfect excuse to wear all those hues today. Fashion has become much more adventurous, so you have a lot of freedom to mix and match colours as you wish. However, the whole equation changes when you talk about texture. For example, if you’re wearing a yellow sequined blouse, striped black pants and shoes with crystal details, everything will look downright chaotic. One thing you’d like to keep in mind is balance. If you have sequins on your top, let them be the focus by getting pants and shoes with very little to no details (unless you’re going to a 1980’s themed party.) The point is to pick a single focus for your outfit so it looks coherent and pleasing. There are many cheap ladies shoes on sale online in UK, so price is no longer an issue. Even cheap can be good quality.

Material and Occasion

If you’re going out for a lazy day at the mall, wearing shiny leather boots may not look as fun and cohesive as one made of cotton or synthetic fur. We’re talking about the outer part, of course. If you’re going to a party, that’s another one that changes the whole equation. Leather is probably the better choice in this case. Boots or not, you have to pick the right material for the right occasion. Soft, colourful shoes are fun and work well on casual occasions, while shoes that look polished and stiff are best for formal wear. Again, whether you’re looking to wear boots or sophisticated women’s shoes, price is not an important issue. Just check the Internet and you’ll find so many cheap ladies shoes on sale online in UK, and you can pick just the right pair made of the right material for the right occasion.


Why Parmars ladies high wedged shoes available online in UK, Beat Stilettos as the Top Choice of Feminine Footwear- 25 November 2013

High heels are some of the top choices that many would go for if they want to wear short dresses, miniskirts or anything that is sexy. However, more women are going for footwear like Parmars ladies high wedged shoes available online in UK. There are a number of things that have led to this trend.

Easy on Your Feet

The first thing is that the wedged shoes are easier to walk in than the high heels. This does not mean you cannot fall. It simply means that they can be more comfortable and easier to get used to for people getting to wear this type of footwear for the first time.

Stilettos can be tricky to wear to some outdoor event. Not only do they poke holes on the grass on some outdoor events, they can also be tricky to walk in, in other venues. They can easily get tangled with wires and cords running across a concert hall leading to embarrassing falls.

Versatile and Unique

Parmars ladies high wedged shoes available online in UK, are much more versatile and this is probably due to their unique design. The wedge sole design makes it easier for the designers to come up with a wider range of intricate patterns that would not have been possible with stilettos.

The Parmars ladies high wedged shoes available online in UK therefore, can be worn on many occasions and with many different feminine outfits such as maxi dresses, wrap dresses and short skirts. It works with any length of skirt or dress. It guarantees to make any outfit look chic.


If you still need a reason to go for the Parmars ladies high wedged shoes available online in UK, then you need to know these shoes have proven to be more durable than stilettos. You’ll get the best value for your money with this type of footwear.

TREND ALERTS! - 22 October 2013

As the summer slowly starts to fade, it becomes that time of year for us! I know, we constantly get stick about wearing last year’s brand new boots again for this season...although they aren’t brand new anymore! They’re so last season! Every season brings a brand new style to the catwalk which we, as women, MUST have, whether it be clothes, coats, shoes, bags, makeup, nail polish; the list is endless. So as a brand new season commences, there’s a couple of styles which have taken to the catwalks and by our favourite celebrities.


We’re all getting a little “mannish” nowadays, from wearing skinny suit trousers, to oversized coats and tailored jackets! Androgyny has been around since 2011 when the classic tuxedo menswear suit took to the catwalks and became a hit for the fashion stores. For this fall, it’s taken a modern twist and has been blended with feminine touches like buckles, jewels and feathers.

My favourite boy meets girl style, the classic Chelsea boot. Started as a menswear favourite, it’s now a woman’s must have!

            Parmars Chelsea Boot £25



Parmars Chelsea boot comes in a range of different colour, including this bright white colour, which is great for this seasons monochrome trend. Even more of a reason to wear them!

                  Parmars Brogues, Sheena £18

Parmars Lace up Block heels, Dilia £35


These are both perfect for the boy meets girl trend. You can also pair Dilia with a some tights and a floral dress with an oversized cardigan this Autumn to add a more feminine touch to your outfit. Check out the range of colours we have on our website.



It’s all about the army chick at the moment, with camouflage jackets and our famous army boots which seem to be a style factor every season recently. From spring to summer, army boots with a  pair of denim shorts was trendy, now as we move into autumn just add a bit of fur lining and wear with a pair of jeans in the cold weather!

Check out Rihannas camouflage style leggings as part of her new River Island collection. Pair up some Parmar boots with these!

             Parmars Keeley, £40                       Parmars Siara, £38


Parmars range of millitary boots is extensive. Shop more on our Parmars website.


New Trends in Low Heel Bridal Sandals In UK- 22 October 2013

For the longest time, the choice of the shoes that ladies wore on their wedding day was dictated by factors such as utility and how it matched the outfit. It is emerging that more women looking for low heel bridal sandals in UK are increasingly opting for a more individual style. More women are seeking to make a fashion statement, more than simply looking for a shoe that fits.

Significance of Shoe Choice

The shoe choice is no longer being relegated to the back, as the gown dictates the entire style. Nowadays, the shoe choice is seen as part of the theme. Whether the couple is choosing a white, romantic or beach wedding the low heel sandals that they choose is often arrived at after careful considerations.

The Outfit and Theme

Everything is designed to work together to ensure that the whole outfit and even the decor are seamlessly and consistently bringing out the desired theme. This however does not mean that the low heel sandals in UK sandals are in anyway conforming or limited to a certain style. In fact, more brides are willing to embrace bolder designs as they move away from the ivory and white sandals that were common a few years back.

New and Classic designs

There are the traditional ivory and white shoes available, but there are more embroidered and fancy designs that are being embraced by women looking for low heel bridal sandals in UK. Bold designs like black low heeled shoes with silver studs are becoming more popular. The traditional ivory sandals have a variety which is more elaborate and more elegant and can bring out and complete that elegant look you have been looking for.

The latest low heels bridal sandals in UK that are available should be comfortable and properly designed so that they can be worn for longer. They are also stylish and versatile enough to be relevant beyond the wedding day.


Things you should Consider before you Buy Diamante Sandals for your Wedding- 17 October 2013

There are many reasons why some women choose to buy Diamante sandals for their wedding. One of them is that they are practical, simple and come in a variety of styles to choose from. They are often available in ivory, gold and black amongst other colors. They can also be used with many practical outfits after that special day.

Venue Factor:

There are a couple of things you need to consider before you buy diamante sandals for your wedding. The first thing is to determine how and where the event will take place. Will you be wearing the same shoe during the main service as well as the reception? If so, you need to choose a comfortable shoe something you can dance in.

Talking of dancing, if part of the event will be held outdoors, on the grass rather than on a solid floor, then high heels should be ruled out. However, there is the option of changing the outfit. This may also happen when changing the venue. You may change to a different type of shoe, comfortable enough for the venue you will be heading to.

Style of the Wedding Gown:

Ideally, you should buy Diamante sandals for your wedding after you buy the wedding gown rather than before. You need to match the type of footwear with the dress you will be wearing for your big day. You will have to determine the most appropriate style from the range of options available from this type of sandals.

Choosing the Color:

The color of the foot wear is also important. Ivory is usually the number one choice for most people who are planning to buy diamante sandals for their wedding. The color is uncomplicated and tends to match that of the gown. These sandals are among the most sophisticated, but still the affordable that you can get anywhere.

2 Things to Remember when Buying Ladies Boots- 08 October 2013

There are thousands of popular ladies boots in UK that you can purchase out there. In every mall that you go to, there is always a store for them. Well, after all, footwear has become a necessity. This is the reason why it is really popular, especially in UK. As a matter of fact, some statistics show that footwear imports in the country account for more than 90% of the domestic demand in 2012. Some of these are for fashion while some are for practical reasons. So, if you are going to buy your next pair of those boots, what do you think should be your reason?

Comfort before Beauty

One of the most important things that you should be thinking when choosing among those popular ladies boots in UK is about the comfort. You must prefer it over the looks or the design of the product. Well, this is because there are so many people out there who base their decision on the style and physical looks of the boots if they are going to buy them or not. However, the question here is if you can wear something that is so beautiful, but does not comfortably fit to your feet? Of course, the answer is no, unless you want some injuries to happen to you.

Functionality or Usability

Another aspect that you must always remember or consider before buying those popular ladies boots in UK is about their usability. In other words, you must buy the one that you can really use more often. For example, do you think that buying fur lined pixie boots would be practical at all? The answer is no because it is season or weather-specific. Hence, you cannot use them during summer or when the climate is not cold. With that, instead of purchasing those event-specific ladies boots, why not go for something that you can use for almost all of your everyday activities? 

Reminders When Buying Summer Sandals- 04 October 2013

So, are you looking for some great deals for stylish and trendy summer sandals on sale in 2013? If yes, then there are few things that you need to be reminded of. You need to know these so that you will be guided on which type you must buy or not. While the style and looks are important, they should not be the major bases of your decision. After all, there are some ways that you will not compromise the style by being more practical. With that, the following are just two of the important reminders when it comes to buying summer sandals.

Pleasing and Wearable

Firstly, you should buy something that is pleasing to the eyes, but still wearable. In this regard, you need to pick the one with natural colours among the stylish and trendy summer sandals on sale in 2013. Specifically, earth colours would be perfect since they complement with the beauty and vibrant atmosphere of summer. In terms of the size, it is highly recommend for you to choose a bigger size. Well, this is because your feet will swell in the hot weather of this season and the activities as well. This is in line with the law of thermodynamics.

Summer is for Activities

Secondly, people also do a lot of things during this season. We go to the beach, play and go on adventures. With that in mind, the one that we must buy from the stylish and trendy summer sandals sale 2013 collections should be with low heels. As much as possible, the heels should not be more than 4 centimetres high. This is in order to limit or lower the amount of stress that your feet will receive when wearing them. Aside from that, you should also pick those made from either leather or suede. This is because these natural materials make your feet breathe better.

Top 2 Things to Consider When Buying Leather Riding Boots- 24 September 2013

When buying leather boots, most of us only look into the design and style. Well, this is because those are the aspects that we can initially see upon looking into a product. However, there are more important things to consider than the looks. As a matter of fact, two of the most important things you must ponder on when buying this kind of product are the kind of material and height of the heels. This is for you to recall the fashion, with black leather riding boots!

What kind of material is it made of?

Firstly, you should be concerned about the kind of material used for the boots that you are going to buy. Of course, it should be made from leather. Now, the next question that you should ask yourself is what kind of leather? If you want to recall the fashion with black leather riding boots, then you have to understand that there are various kinds of leather. They can be made from skins of exotic animals like crocodile, python and the like. The tanning process will also affect the total quality of the product, whether it is vegetable-tanned, chrome-tanner or Aldehyde-tanned leather.

What is the right height of the heels?

Secondly, when your intention is to recall the fashion with black leather riding boots, you should not be thinking about glamour alone. Instead, you must be pondering on comfort as well. In this light, the height of the heels of the boots you will purchase will matter significantly. If you think that you cannot last long hours of walking using a 6-inch leather boots, then don’t buy it at all. You might want to rather buy those with 2 inches. The Debra and Mandy shoes are just perfect for that with only there centimetres of heels.

New Shoes Cure The Blues!- 13 September 2013

Parmars Online are always on the scout for new seasonal trends and for this Fall 2013 they have brought in a variety of new stylish products. 

If you’re a fashionista that likes something simple and sophisticated then these shoe-boots should be on your ‘lust list’ for this season; which are each available in two colours of Black and Brown and Tan and Black. 

However, if you’re looking for footwear that will dazzle fellow fashionistas then these sassy Gold skyscraper heels are the ‘perfect buy’ and not-to-mention they are also available in Silver.

In addition, for those that have an edgy style these military boots are cool for this Fall and will keep your tootsies nice and warm.

New products will be available the week commencing September 16th 2013.

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